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Welcome to a community for you to be seen, be connected and grow into the nurse professional that breaks barriers! Connect with other Black nurses, connect with career growth opportunities and find events tailored to advance your career.

CBNA’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Advancing Black Canadian Nurses 
  • Engaging in Multi-Sectoral Collaboration 
  • Public Health interventions 
  • Assessing and reporting 
  • Engaging priority populations

Benefits of Membership

As a member of CBNA, you’ll join an amazing national community of Black nurses and CBNA Partners. Expand your network, connect with career growth opportunities, find or become a mentor and stay plugged into the future of nursing at our events.

Benefits for Members:

  1. The voice of Black Canadian Nurses
  2. Advocacy
  3. Community and forum 
  4. Black Nurses and students allied for success (BNSAS) National Mentorship Program
  5. Coaching, interviewing and resume preparation 
  6. Networking opportunities
  7. Research opportunities
  8. Volunteer opportunities
  9.  Education and resources
  10. On the pulse updates to nursing trends
  11. Quarterly Newsletter

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Canadian Black Nurses Alliance
Canadian Black Nurses Alliance