About Our Academic Chapters

About the academic chapter CBNA-McMaster

CBNA-McMaster hopes to connect Black nursing students across all sites, levels and streams of McMaster’s nursing program. With the support of the CBNA, CBNA-Mac works diligently to equip Black nursing students with resources for successful academic journeys, ensure their equal access to opportunities, and inspire them to step boldly into their nursing careers. All while helping them with any challenges they may face.

Advocacy, empowerment and leadership are the three pillars of our Chapter’s mission.

About the CBNA-Mac president

Tsinat Semagn is in her fourth year of the nursing program at McMaster University. She has been involved with CBNA for two years, first as a secretary for the McMaster academic chapter. Now as the president, Tsinat has been leading CBNA-Mac and changing the narrative for the Black nursing students as McMaster along with her team members. 

Leading a team of eight motivated Black nursing students from levels 1 to 4 at the McMaster, Mohawk, and Conestoga sites. Together, they organized virtual mixers, a Black History trivia night, and an informative panel featuring new nurses from various backgrounds.

Outside of CBNA, Tsinat has been an undergraduate mentor with the Black Student Mentorship Program (BSMP) for two years. She has also been featured on a panel organized by McMaster’s Department of Family Medicine to discuss her experiences as a Black learner and advocate for equitable admission process programs in nursing at McMaster.

Tsinat’s tenacity is unwavering as she is leading the initiation of CBNA’s first academic undergraduate mentorship program at McMaster. Tsinat is a leader to watch. 

About the academic chapter CBNA-UAlberta

CBNA-University of Alberta (CBNA-UAB) is a chapter created by Black nursing students for Black nursing students. Along with the CBNA we are dedicated to the service of our community within the University of Alberta and to creating an enabling and capacity-building platform that propels nurses to academic and professional excellence in all spheres of society. 


About the CBNA-Alberta president

Hello! Ibukun Ojo is the founder of CBNA-UAB. When she heard that other universities had a CBNA chapter, she was first jealous (that she’d gone through her degree without one) and excited about the prospect of community building. She started the group because she wanted to create a space where Black students feel supported and uplifted by each other. A space, where we don’t have to talk ourselves out of our experiences -good, bad, and awkward – because we’re sharing with people who can relate to a part of our lived experience.

She loves her people and wants us to thrive! Ibukun has not been exposed to many nurses and healthcare professionals who look like her or have a similar culture that she could look to for inspiration.  A group like CBNA allows us to inspire one another. She would have appreciated this in the first few years of her degree, especially when feeling discouraged. Furthermore, she knows patients will benefit from more diverse care providers. A big part of equitable care and cultural competence is diversifying practitioners and increasing cultural representation – i.e. Black nurses advocating for them, BIPOC folk in leadership, etc. We all have a place in care because there are all types of patients who would be better understood by someone who lives like them. She is hopeful the CBNA group will empower a generation of nurses that embodies just that.

She sees CBNA-UAB hosting town halls and events that allow students to share their highs and lows with people who’ve experienced similar things. Moreover, Ibukun sees the group hosting mentorship programs and speaker series powered by CBNA to show students that they have a place in healthcare and there are people like them eager to usher them into the space. Most of all, Ibukun sees CBNA-UAB becoming a place for Black nursing students and allies to form connections. Connection starts as solidarity that hopefully blossoms into mutual support, empowerment, and friendship.

CBNA-UAB inaugural executive team is incredible, and Ibukun is grateful to work with them. They’re patient while working out the kinks of forming a new group. They’re passionate about their group vision and what they have the potential to become/create.

Finally, they set out to be great nurses, and Ibukun looks forward to seeing where their careers and connection with CBNA take them. This vision will almost certainly take years to execute, but with a team like this, Ibukun is confident that she will see it through.

About the academic chapter CBNA-York University

CBNA-York University (CBNA-YorkU) is a chapter created by Black nursing students. Given the great diversity at York University, the lack of representation in faculty and leadership positions is quite evident.  This prompted discussions with CBNA National on creating a space and environment which allows Black nursing students to feel motivated, empowered and supported. The whole prospect of this academic chapter is to enable Black excellence and address this prevailing issue.

About the CBNA-YorkU president

Temiloluwa Adeyemo is in her fourth year of the nursing program at York University. She is the president of CBNA-YorkU and one of the founding members of the academic chapter. 

Although York University was created in such a short span of time, the achievements made within such timeframe has been impeccable. From being recognized as one of the top chapters in the YorkU nursing program to its numerous successful events and mixers. The achievements within this program have allowed Black nursing students to feel supported while also encouraging them to see that they too can become leaders. 

Temiloluwa is hoping that this vision and goal would serve as a stepping stone to tackling the lack of representation in leadership positions while also showing Black nursing students that they are seen, heard and empowered to become leaders. It is important that these positions are diversified as it promotes representation and equitable care for patients.

Please join Temiloluwa and her team at CBNA-YorkU as they change the narrative for Black nursing students.


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